Wednesday, January 06, 2016

OMG, I became Mrs.Moo!

I never would've imagined having SO MANY wedding celebrations!!! What an incredible 10 days of craziness! Here's to finding the right ONE. And living happily ever after - and happy endings and new beginnings!

May 2016 be even half as awesome as 2015 - that'll be enough to keep me grinning!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting arty!

Ever since I've begun teaching, I've slowly been rediscovering my drawing skills. This started during the TEFL course - my teacher's would admire the board games I'd make with loads of small hand sketches. I've been getting more and more practice over the months - digestive system on the whiteboard and I even drew some HUGE (A0 or probably larger) maps of the continents - which I did using my floor tiles as gridlines. I'm SO proud of those - I think I'll post them here soon! But my latest THRILL has come from the portrait of my boss I attempted and completed yesterday!!

As I've forgotten how to post pictures between text, I may not be able to write about it in sequence with the pics of the entire process. I was inspired by Meg's Creations -, part of a series of youtube videos on drawing portraits. My boss - who's practically my Local Guardian here, in addition to being my landlady and provider - is retiring from the NFE (Non Formal Edu., Samui) this month. And tomorrow night there's a big farewell dinner for her. Last week my colleague was discussing farewell presents for her, and suggested we print a big picture of her with our class & frame it, all for a grand sum of 30-50 USD - I literally choked, on the shoes string budget I live on here!!! Knowing that she's an artist I suggested she think of something cheap but meaningful - and that's what got me thinking about Meg's video!

I asked my boss' son for a picture of her - in black and white, as I had only every drawn pencil shaded portraits in school (17yrs ago)! He brought over 2 prints - b/w as requested & one coloured, just by mistake. At about 9:30 pm I began working on the b/w reference picture - all I had was regular printer paper and HB pencils (no fancy thicker ones like I had in school), a ruler, eraser and sharpener. And I got started with the sketch.

Feeling pretty satisfied, I started erasing the grid and looked at Meg's next video: and here's when I began to consider buying some coloured pencils!!! So sometime past midnight I hopped across to the 7 Eleven (OH HOW I LOVE THEE) and bought coloured pencils! I got back and worked more on the sketch, still unsure about whether or not I'd really USE the colours!!! Retired by about 2am.

The next day after loads of delaying tactics, including an unsuccessful attempt @ frying a THAI omlette, I got down to work @ 3'ish. As the videos suggested, I put on some music, and made myself comfortable on the verandah with my dear fan and set the mood! It took ages to grid the coloured print out, and add more detail, including the background (which was a waste of time, as I changed it later!), and finally erase all the gridlines on my drawing. 

Several nervous whatsapp messages later and thoughts about whether to leave it as a pencil sketch, or shade in pencil... it was time to COLOUR!

No more gridlines

Nervously watching Meg's videos over and over again, I worked through the eyes, the lips - leaving out the teeth (as Zoella's lips were sealed!!!!), the skin and the hair! The reason that the process was documented was because I truly expected a fuck up at some stage, sooner rather than later - so this was proof of my attempt at least!!! However as I proceeded, I began to get happier and happier with my progress and kept sharing the pictures with my friends on Whatsapp!

Meg's eyes video:
Eye didn't think eyed manage!
Born lippy:

Oh no why does she have teeth!!!?!!

And then the skin (always closely following Meg's tips:
And then came the skin - I could've shaded it more, but it was going so well I was too scared I'd fuck it all up!!!
Then came the hair...(
And I knew I was nearly THERE! ..well ALMOST except for those damn teeth!
I took a long break admiring my work till then, knowing that the teeth could make or break my hard work!!!! And then I got down to it - and in 3 minutes...


Teeth that didn't convert her into a horse or some monster!!!!!! I was in heaven!!!!!

The uniform wasn't easy - as I couldn't quite figure out what colours to use - somehow managed a little shading with black and green mostly. And then I didn't have the energy for the perfect leaves in the background. At this point (about 6:30pm) Leah picked me up to go for Thai Dance practice (shall make complete fools of ourselves to humour dear Khun Nuie!!!

I got back at 10'ish and had little energy for anything fancy - so I decided to texture shade real leaves and finish it off! Mounted on black board...tada... my inexpensive and meaningful gift to a lady who's been my fairy godmother here so far....


Sunday, September 01, 2013

E for Email, E for English, E for EXCITED!!!! :-D

Excited about my first class at the Miskawaan! I'll be teaching 4 of their staff Email English. They're all pretty decent speakers, but just need a little brushing up when it comes to emails. The job is more of a challenge for me, as I needed to structure a curriculum for them as well. I hope it goes well.

I was lucky to run into my TEFL teachers on Friday and got a book from their library, which is fantastic. It's made me more confident - which is why I can relax and type this post out while I wait for my pick up. My plan is pretty straight forward, and I hope it goes down well with my first 2 students.

Teaching smaller groups is challenging because there are fewer games possible, and class can get quite heavy. Let's hope I start well!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So it turned out the blahness was just hormones! Phew! Was worried that the new Moo was a lonely, whiney, bitch!

Feeling back to normal now - had a relaxed lazy morning hiding in my room. I've been teaching a young Burmese girl some English off late. I tried making a time-schedule for her, but she didn't quite understand. So she lands up at my porch anytime my front door is open! Today I wasn't feeling like a conversation class, so I didn't show any signs of life! In the bargain I missed Leah (my colleague's) visit - she didn't knock, because she didn't hear sounds of life from inside, haha! Anyway, I had a lovely day overall. Class was fun, and we had an unexpected visit from EP - the cutest little baby boy!

My student Pat was pregnant with him when she joined the English Program, so it was decided that the baby would be called EP! He was such a delight! Khun Nuie was all Grandma'ly with him. I got a cuddle too...and lots of giggles out of him, thanks to loads of tickling!!!! Was the best 15 minute break during class!

I've somehow managed to control the painkiller intake as well. I'm not allowed more than 4 in one day. Thank God it's past midnight, and I can probably take one before I pass out. The most horrid feeling is to wake up with cramps - and toss and turn and pray the pain goes, because you're too drowsy to get out of bed. But then the pain intensifies, and when you finally do get out of bed and pop a pill it's too late for it to take effect! So tonight I'll take one before I go to sleep  and keep the strip & some water on the side table.

Had a lovely chat with the Lovefriend :-) Sometimes I don't believe it's true - I'm in an equal-love relationship. I'm sure a lot of people gave up hoping for me. I'd ALMOST given up too. :-P

Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling blah

Sometimes I wonder if this living alone stuff has turned me into a needy, whiney, bitch. Just don't like myself today. It's best I stay away.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


...before this becomes dormant again, let me ramble!

Last week was sooper hectic, what with our "English Camp" by the beach, and then my visa run to Bangkok. Bangkok was great - as it always is, except I was a bit exhausted from the bus ride to have too big a night out. We did however visit a FABULOUS Thai/Muslim restaurant in Silom. Michael had read about it here:
 and we'd been looking forward to it since. More so because I didn't get to cook biryani for Mike while he and Tae were on Samui.

I preferred the chicken biryani to the mutton version, but what really topped the charts was the beef mince & mutton dalcha, with chapatis. I've never chosen chapatis over rice - but these were SO good, I ate 2!!!! Tae ordered a delicious strawberry lassi - reminded me of the fresh strawberry ice-cream made by Naturals! Unfortunately we had no space for the rassmalai, jamuns and other sweet treats. I could've hugged their entire family, I was SO happy with the food. And the bill!!!!!! ALL 4 of us stuffed to capacity for 840 baht!

Yeah, so on that happy note, I think I'll go to sleep now!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reggae Bar loveliness

After a "gas disaster" where I landed up with chopped ingredients and an empty gas cylinder, I abandoned Mission Biryani and took Mike and Tae to Reggae Bar. Had a lovely, lovely, lovely evening :)